Implement SSL Certificate? Easy!

Just implemented SSL certification. It’s easy to implement. Tutorial time : 30 mins to 1 hour. Ok, here goes the tips: 1. Buy an SSL Certificate from here. 2. Look into the documentation on how to implement to your server, whether it is apache-modssl, apache-apachessl etc etc. (Personally, i recommend the more popular apache-modssl 3. It is simpler if you have a website hosting control panel to go along with your ssl certification. 4. Always use the certification instructions from original documentation and try to always avoid the command line option to generate csr and pem key. 5. cPanel is one of the easiest way to implement ssl certifications. 6. Remember to buy ssl certifications from established sites and try not to save money from cheap ssl certifications because of the browser recognition and compatibility (this is quite evident with Google Chrome browser, in the past… maybe). 7. Get the wildcard subdomain ssl certification if you can afford it. Usually three times (3x) more expensive than the normal. Feedback? Remarks? Always welcome! :)

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