Mistakes I learnt in the year 2011

1. Never trust credentials on paper. 2. Referral is one thing, their action is another. 3. Talk is, at the end of the day, just talk. 4. Integrity is more important than imagination. 5. To have the best, you need to be better. 6. Always conserve some energy for after meetings. (I’m usually half dead when I attend last minute meetings and stamina-flat at the end of it) 7. Never rant your frustrations, always look for an angle to express yourself clearly. 8. Make sure you stick to the original KPIs, even if you need to bend a little. 9. Always remember the goodness they have done and understand the bad things they have done. 10. Always learn from their mistakes. 11. Type less, write less, talk less, do more good. <- this one is the most important.

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