Voodoo? Hypnosis? … A passerby scam

I’ve heard of a… scam whereby two Chinese passerbys walk on the street, rubbed some powder gently over the hand of a victim… The victim will lose conciousness after a few minutes and will be “under the spell” of the perpetrators. They will guide the victim to open safety deposit boxes of banks, withdraw money from ATMs… etc… Of which… the victim will not realise that even after the spell wears off. It will be after a few days later the victim will realised he/she lost her things through the ordeal upon tracing back his/her steps. Mind manipulation? Some voodoo spells from China? Apparently a “true story”… Happened to someone that doesn’t want to talk about it… Not me. I wonder was that hypnotic trance kind of stuff. Any stories as such to share?


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