I really love this story…

Translated from Chinese… There used to be such a story. ===== Long long ago, there was an Island. On this Island, there was a primitive feel to it. There was Jealousy, Sadness, Humbleness, Love etc. etc. One day, they were informed that the island was about to sink. So everyone began to pack up and runaway by boat. All but Love was a bit slow. When She wanted to leave, She realized her boat had sank. Quickly, Love went all out to ask everyone for help. At the moment, Wealth was nearest to Love but rejected Her immediately. His small boat was packed with treasures with no room left for Love. So Love went to Vanity for help. However, Vanity was fearful of Love’s sweatiness, afraid She would dirty His small beautiful boat. Along came Happiness but He was too self-conceited, humming His own joyful song, not realizing Love’s cry for help. Just when Love was feeling totally despaired, an Old Man came along by boat. This Old Man with his kind smiling demeanor, got Love on boat and sent Her to a safe place before continuing on His journey. Just when the Old Man left, Love suddenly realized She forgot to ask for His name. Thereafter, Love met up with an Old Person called Wisdom and requested Him to help find out more about the Old Man who saved Her. Wisdom told Her, the Old Man who saved Her is called Time. Wisdom said, “The only reason Time was willing to help You was because for the whole island, only Him can prove the purpose of Your existence.” ===== … That’s the beginning of the story of Love’s Ladder. 6000 stairs of them. Amazing. Pure and simple… can only happen when the world is at it’s most… primitive.      

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