Destined by Sam Wong

I like this song. A little melancholy feel to it… well, life’s with ups and downs right? I will put more music up in future. Destined Destined – Lyrics (will improve upon) Can you see, that I was born to love you. It seems destined, you and I have met too. Should you feel, that my heart has turned away, from loving you. Think it through, that it only beats for you, it’s true. [Chorus] You and I could be the ones, deep in love, forever. just a hug and kiss that’s all to make my dreams come true. (this part i want to change in future) please, let this feeling flows. know that life is short… holding on, til the end… we’ll make it i swear. [Chorus] (i forgot the actual lyrics… oh well, for the moment u can just play the piano music in a loop


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