Going Shanghai today!

Finally… Shanghai again… How many scammers are waiting for me? Hmm… Anyhow, I need to get a new China sim card for my phone… I wonder if my old one still works. Talk about new phone numbers in China… “Congratulations! You just won our lucky draw lottery with your number…” Then there’s the… “We just discovered a new historic site with all the treasures and we know you are foreigner, hope you can help us sell it overseas…” And then on the street, there’s the “Hi there, would you like to go for massage?” “Do you know how to go to Fujian Road? Are you foreigner? So am I, let’s go out for a chat…” Right… right. The worst one I had was in the middle of the road, hard sell, cross your path and just forcefully selling you some unlicensed weapon… and using that to threaten you… I got away with that after 15 mins… China… Not all that bad. There are lots of nice people as well. 17°10°… that’s the weather forecast. I prefer cold weather.

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