Programming the Universe, as God the Programmer

Isn’t it amazing that the watch must come with a watch maker? I read an article somewhere that questioned the paradox of a good, moral God. If God is good, why is there so much evil in this world? If you are the maker of the universe, won’t you stop evil? Wouldn’t you have created a better universe? A better place? Better justice? Utopia? As a programmer, I thought about this for awhile.. and John Lennox’s statement sort of hit me with his FIFO… Garbage in, garbage out theory on consciousness. So my conclusion is this: Yes, there is no mistake in creation. They are there… so you can learn. I would let everyone in this world the opportunity to make mistakes, to err, to repent and to be forgiven. Else you and me will be robots. No mistakes ever? That ridiculous lifestyle is meant for robots. For hell, that’s where Earth is. Infinite reincarnation until dimensional transcendence happens when we reach a higher consciousness. Forgive me, I put logic into this. Else, I really find the universe without a purpose, which doesn’t make any sense at all when so much more makes so much sense. Why does Dawkin give us the God’s confusion? So you can question and see beyond what science can offer. Dawkin must continue what he is doing, even if he is wrong… afterall scientific progress is necessary beyond Higg’s boson. “Laws of physics… it’s just there!”. So why bothered? Isn’t that lazier? Like the programming fabric and DNA coding… it’s there for a purpose.

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