Pentax camera, come to me!

I’m getting a Pentax. I really wish it’s more widely adopted here in Asia. Currently Canon is having the largest market share.

Three DSLR cameras are on my list (and budget).
1. Pentax (any DSLR interchangeable lens series will do… 645Z is what I really hope to get my hands on in future)
2. Sony A99 (it’s truly a budget FF camera. Cheapest I think with great review. I love the fact that this camera has a sensor shift lens built-in as a FF DSLR camera)
3. Canon 1Ds (Any model. I just want the FF feature that’s all)

I will get an ultra wide angle lens for my next Pentax in 2 weeks. Have to pre-order over here and will arrive within 4 weeks.

Oh, I wonder what the price will be for the FF Pentax that’s coming out next year… just have to wait.


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