Web Development

Providing professional, affordable and quality website designing services, website development services for our clients.

Application Development

We do mobile app development, creative design services and software programming services for SMEs, MNCs and Telco.

Cloud Services

Be it eCommerce, eHotel, corporate websites, invoicing and billing software etc, we do our best in client’s satisfaction.


Professional Services

Serving our customers through multiple channels such as Skype, Whatsapp, WeChat, Support Portal, Email etc.


Mobile & SEO Friendly

Designed for search engine and responsive so you can work anywhere, anytime with an internet connection.


Up-to-date & Secure

Updated regularly with advanced backup systems and built-in security protection features.

Why Choose Us

We maintain 350,000+ sites cohesively, standardized deployment with security in mind, backed by professionals with years of experience handling multiple websites and software projects.

Our Cloud Benefits

  • Higher search engine ranking
  • Lower cost of investment
  • Easier to manage multiple users and sites
  • Always available and always up-to-date
  • Multiple automated cloud backups
  • Standardized deployment for easier debugging
  • Extremely flexible, enterprise level scalability
  • Managed by specialists, experts and professionals
  • Better security with protection across all sites


John White

“Modern looking website not only makes our brand look professional, it also actually works for us, bringing new clients and partners. And we can manage the website entirely by ourselves thanks to powerful and easy to use tools. That has made our business so much easier and more effective!”

John White / Manager / Premium Ltd.

Alex Brown

“bcz.com makes it easy to buy and sell things online!”

Alex Brown / Manager / Themes Ltd.

Sarah Valetta

“I love bcz.com! I can’t wait to start blogging! I travel a lot so stay tune for entries describing my journeys across the globe! Thank you bcz.com for making this possible!”

Sarah Valetta / Manager / Company Ltd.

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