Quantum Computing Towards Unlocking True A.I. Conciousness?

I am always intrigue at quantum mechanics and at quantum phenomena such as double slit experiment and quantum entanglement, especially the latter. It is by quantum entanglement that makes me believe in the ancient interpretation and definition of soulmates in layman terms. Let this be another topic for discussion but for now, let’s talk about my thoughts on quantum computing.

Can we have true artificial intelligence through quantum computing? Desktop quantum computers should be available for the masses in… (just checked online) now already? https://newatlas.com/quantum-computing/quantum-computing-desktop-room-temperature/

I think serious quantum qubit processing should allow for us to unlock “true A.I.” in an “artificial” sense. What do I mean by this? A.I. simulation is afterall a probability guessing game as of today’s writing. Having said this, I always think if the “Architect” from the film Matrix does have a choice in the design of his program because flaw of design (free will) is always a part of the building blocks that hold up the Matrix afterall for the Matrix cannot exist without the minds and the minds cannot exists without free will.

Whoever try to rationalize why things are so as they are so, like:
a) bees just know how to make honey,
b) a new born horse just knows how to walk in a few hours,
c) seeds will just sprout into trees,
Guess, that’s how “nature” works. Talking about nature, I am wondering if quantum phenomena also suggest that the world must have close to equal male and female birth rate ratio just to balance the yin-yang scale.

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