Top Programmer in the World? God.

Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe

Gallileo Gallilei

I had a lot of problem with God, not because of my “fallen” nature but because there were many bad things in life that He could stop but he let happened. This was my problem for a long time accepting that there is a Creator of sorts.

However, as a programmer myself, I cannot help but awe at the wonders of His creation. How every equation, elements, physics, chemistry, biology etc weaved together in the spacetime continuum and form life in the vast expanse of our universe. How wonderfully complicated and intricate DNA code is which made it possible for life to happen and to propagate life itself giving birth to intelligence, consciousness and understanding; to appreciation and ultimately, love.

Such is the progress of His work, artistically complex, sophisticated yet with such beauty embedded within. Only those with age who pause and look up at the stars can appreciate His artistic canvas.

The universe is the best living programmable system ever created. Try to read The Good Book as a reference on how to live life but always use science to appreciate what His work really means.

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