Lucky Number 9

Won $99.70 today on lotto. What a long wait for a win. Today’s numbers are:
21, 17, 16, 3, 22, 34, 9 – powerball 9

My family’s rules :
1. No fortune telling of any kind, no exceptions. (Including mysticism, shamanism, mediumship, ouija boards, divinition, horoscope [for comical value is ok], prediction, false idolizing, vanity etc). Anything gained through unjustly means is wrong. It is a sin to be read the future. Peeking at the Akashic record is a sin. Cassandra syndrome is real. Once you know how things go, are you sure you are supposed to change it?
2. No gambling (but small time lotto is ok like a small <$15 “investment” from time to time)

Powerball accumulated to $80mil. I’m still going with 9 next week and see how it goes… fingers crossed.

Bottom line : The harder you work, the luckier you get. Be smart to identify opportunities (and threats), show your talent and seize the moment. Lottos are just for pass time (and don’t waste time).

Addendum : 26th Nov 2021, went to collect my winnings and realised I actually won more than $100+ because there was a ticket I missed out.

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