Isaac Tigrett Talk – Dallas 2009

Amazing talk. I came across from Dr Tommy Wong’s website (he seriously needs to get a website from me). I just did something incredible. I just offered Dr Tommy a account. I just had to. His website is really terrible. Oh by the way, Dr Tommy Wong, your link to the Isaac Tigrett Dallas vimeo link is not working so I had to search on youtube for the one above

Few can understand what Isaac is talking about. A lot of people will think that his experience with his past use of psychedelic drugs is what makes him talk like this. Isaac is truly knowledgeable about what he is talking about.

You really need a lot of experience and live either a very very long life or a special life to be able to comprehend his message. I have never taken any drugs in my life before. No mind bending drugs whatsoever and I can understand part of his message.

Isaac Tigrett is not the only one. So is Derek O’ Neill video message.

I remember once sitting in a round table with family and friends, those who know would want me to comment on this… I’m mostly quiet, never saying anything for such sorts. Today, well, for those reading, my comments are:

“If the Devil exists, God must be real too.”

In fact, most people will believe in God through the Devil, seeing light only through the darkness. I’ve personally sensed demonic presence when I was 11+ going to 12, irrelevant to Sathya Sai Baba.

Don, Baba wants you to do this video for everyone else. Have peace as you have done a great service in your interview for those who are fortunate and blessed enough to comprehend your message. Every small little words touches people in one form or another.

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