On fortune telling…

I didn’t ask you to read this article. You wanted to read it so read at your own discretion. This is one of those “3rd eye” supernatural rant.

Note : I’m writing as inspirational draft. Will expand to make into a “mystic” book of sorts in future.

So it’s pure draft stage, will not make sense at all to many. I will update this story from time to time. This is a true story.

Need to put it off my mind so I can move on.

The past is what makes us today. Today is a gift. That’s why they call it the “present”. As for what is tomorrow? It is what you make of it today.

All fortune tellers will go to hell. Those who support them will not end up any better. Mark my words, it is a sin to be read the future. Everything’s supposed to be right. Everytime a fortune teller say something, everything turns into a mess. Don’t mess with the future. Everything happens for a reason. Accept it the way things are, you will be much happier.

Once you know the future, you can change it but are you supposed to?

Stay away from fortune tellers, mediumships, any sorts of hocus pocus, clairvoyants. Forbidden topic in my family, it should be forbidden in all families too.

All major scriptures in the world forbids such evil, unnatural, occult underhand knowledge. I had to make a decision so difficult when I was 17 I decided to end it so no 9 year olds had to go through those years of agony and no 17 year olds will ever need to make those decisions again.

He will never regret a single second of every moment and if he needs to redo it all, he would do the same. If their roles were switched, he would want her to do the same to him too.

Every moment was pre-planned up to the last second, just didn’t expect to need to tell the truth in the end.

They even know your name is ******.

So? (They do know. Nothing special, not impressed. I only wonder how they know that’s all.)

“Are you paying attention?”
“What did I just say?”
“You said your dad don’t like me.”
“Before that?”
“You said they know my name.”
“Before that?”

(She said she just stabbed him behind his back using the thing his family hated the most [not knowing even her fortune tellers were on his side], by giving her family some information about him, guess it was his date of birth?)

“See? You never pay attention!” (That’s his line and he laughed to himself at her ignorance. The pain behind his back was hurting and bleeding. How can he not pay attention to that?)

Every word he wanted to say has supernatural and spiritual elements in it that’s why he was so quiet because he didn’t want to mention those evil things. He was a free thinker until she came along.

Always sleep/rest at home or somewhere secure with locked doors, it was easy to take advantage of otherwise.

The First Hand Account Witness Story

He was a boy who excelled in school, both his parents were medical scholars of top universities in Asia. He always represented his primary school in most competitions except for Chinese, where it was his weakest language. Because of his busy schedule representing his school, in his last year of primary school, he only needed to do homework four times in a year with the rest of the schedule being arranged to do speech memorizing, private practise of school play, inter-school chess competition, special guidance on essay writing and time off spending as narrator for most occasions. He was blessed with an intense memory to attention of detail, seemingly not paying attention, he always pay attention to all minute details of things that comes his way. This gave him a tough time moving to secondary school as he was not accustomed to the usual homework doing that normal students do because of the following story you are about to be told.

Somewhere in Perak, Malaysia, during chinese new year season his caretaker was his auntie (mother’s side) and his auntie wanted to visit a reported medium who can foretell the future so he was tagged along with his auntie to the residential temple. It was around 35 minutes drive from Kuala Kangsar (not sure if the driver was sure about the place right the first time, there were very little traffic along the way as it was from one village to another remote location).

The place has a old-worn greenish floor, they took off their shoes before entering. The whole place looks like a hall that can accommodate 30-40 seated people (at 12 years old, everything seemed bigger so the size was based on his judgment) and has windows / doors that seems to allow people to come in to pray / kneel on the floor. There were very few chairs at that time, mostly an empty unoccupied room to him (settings could have change since then, who knows).

From behind a “special” room that seems (from the outside) like the size of two panic rooms that can fit 20 standing people, the medium came out from it (not very sure because it was always mostly hidden from view by a drape curtain). The medium was rumoured to be 80+ years old but looked in her 60s said his auntie. Before the session was about to start, she would prepare herself behind the “sacred” room with a “yellowish-orange” curtain that seems to be purposefully hidden from normal people’s view, washing her hands up to her rolled up sleeve of her elbow in a “brass/golden” bowl with a towel, cleansing herself in preparation for the spirits to “use” her body. She was a celibate and vegetarian said his auntie (only so can the spirits manifest themselves on / possess her).

The old lady was dressed humbly, demurely in a chinese dress (taoist lady dress looking type of 1920-1930s) but her dress was very old, faded in light bluish-tinted grey. With her hair done in a way that seems to depict that she is a widow / celibate, things being plain and very down to earth way.

Two wooden chairs with a table in the middle with a wooden bowl on the table to hold cash offerings was the stage for the medium to perform her readings. Behind the table was an altar setup of statues of Chinese god or gods according to his vague memory, incense’s smell and prayer’s offering was faint to none according to his nose. The hall seems to sit in the middle of wooden frameworks of collapsible doors frames and “windows” within a “garden” of trees surrounding them (back in the days of the village years). The ceiling was around the height of 3 to 5 average person of 1.6m tall (his auntie’s height). Overall, the place felt like a good buddhist zen meditation retreat place.

He was standing left to his auntie and his auntie knelt in front of the right seated medium. The medium slowly went into a trance, which took about 20-30 seconds before she was completely in her “zone-state” (it was a trance-like meditative/possessed state). At that time, he thought, “This is an amazing “jumping” skill even for a 60 year old if you ask me.” I don’t think it can be done at all. He has seen epileptic case in malay primary school once of a malay student but this shaking of the whole body for a 60 year old looking old lady (rumored to be 80+)… is… kind of scary yet requires intense training to reach her stage of “naturality”. A “trained expert epileptic” with great control and without the vomiting on the floor kind of a… trance.” You have to see for yourself to understand the context of what is meant here, both a real epileptic/uncontrolled spasm who cannot control themselves vs this spirit channeling medium trance who was in control of her body.

Her auntie was asking the questions of the future. He wasn’t paying attention as a 12 year old. He thought it was pure hocus-pocus bullshit nonsense since he was a pure scientific rational person. Sometimes the medium will say things abruptly. Sometimes her auntie will need to do the questioning.

Every sort of question has a “price” to be “paid / put” into the wooden bowl on the table. Only when it camee to the “important / serious” questions were the prices more. You can tell by the wait from the medium. She will wait for more money to be requested/paid for questions asked that demands more sum paid by keeping quiet, silent, unmoved when questions asked were not answered.

Her auntie in 1991 brought hundreds just to have her questions answered. She was not wealthy at all and very stingy with money, always counting cents but for some questions she will put in (minimum) 20s, 20s mixed with 10s, 50s etc. and he was dumbstruck but the sheer “stupidity” he thought of his auntie, while at the same time, recognizing the power of the medium has over his auntie’s belief systems. He almost couldn’t stand the whole process, that was just too much money in the bowl for his auntie to bear. She didnt seem to be able to afford the sums paid.

His auntie’s session lasted around 15 minutes. He was very bored during the whole time but smirked standing to himself over the two of them. One “con”, one “victim” performing a classic con-victim “stage act” based on beliefs.

The medium and his auntie conversed in a sort of Chinese dialect but he can understand the dialect just not able to speak because he grew up in a family where both grandpa and grandma (mother’s side) spoke different dialects to each other.

Sort of strange but because of World War 2 coming to Malaysia then, his grandma was hurriedly “forced” to marry someone quickly because the Japanese was rumored to rape any unmarried women and his grandpa was chosen this way because in those days some villager knows some villagers and any guys who are unmarried and nice will do. Old times, old days, extreme war-time looming / loomed circumstances, things just happenned the way things were. People do extreme things when faced with extreme circumstances, things you will never understand if you are not in their position / shoes in those days.

So he grew up listening to 2 dialects from each other’s conversation yet not knowing how to speak them because he would mix the two up. However, those dialects have “close similarities” (sort of) to him as he was accustomed to that way of lifestyle. Growing up listening to two grandparents speaking different dialects to each other, he was tuned in to their language. Things are only strange if you are not in the family. So to him, it was normal.

When his auntie’s session was over, the medium, while still in a trance (eyes closed) turned her face right to his auntie’s left and to him and asked, “Would you like your future to be read as well?”. He understood the dialect and his auntie turned and asked him in mandarin (the chinese language he is most familiar / accustomed with), “Do you want to know your future?”; his auntie asked, she said in such an inquisitive way that seemed to suggest she was curious over his future too. (Extreme slight “peer pressured” by two old ladies to join in the comedic commotion, so he felt.)

Let’s be realistic and real here. This is an 11+ year old going to be 12 year old innocent boy. Since when will any 11+ year old reject anything “fun”, hilarious, growing up experience and just pure fun? Fun was all in his mind after the boring 15 minutes ordeal he went through listening to two ladies doing “that” (not sure what it was).

“好啊.” (means ok in mandarin), nodded him three times with great curiosity and thus begin a life changing experience so dark it haunts him and makes him shiver by sheer thought of it. At 12, almost nothing was not an “ok”. At that time, he was thinking, “Let the fun begin.”

His auntie then ask him to kneel down instead of standing because this time he was in the “begging” position to “know things”. He did as his auntie said, afterall his auntie was already in her kneeling down position. This is the first time he knelt to a “person” (in spirit possession). His auntie then put another 20 into the bowl again this time for his session to commence. Every question costs a minimum 20, one note of 20 in value, standard price to access forbidden dark secrets.

The medium proceeded to ask him for his date of birth, “Give me your date of birth.” His auntie turned to him and ask for his birthdate in mandarin, always being the translator of language between him and the medium. He went on and tell his auntie his birthdate, his auntie passed his birthdate to the medium in the chinese dialect she conversed with.

The medium took out an old looking brownish-cover empty book, a bit yellowish-brown because of the age (he can’t remember where the book came from, maybe it was on the table or by the side of the medium’s chair. Most probably on the table.), this is the first time the medium used the “Heavenly Book Without Words”. His auntie’s session never use the book once. The book has no words on it and was around the size of 2 christian bibles in thickness. It was rather large, about the size of two palms’ length in height. The paper was of good quality materials that is rather thick to withstand prolonged use. The book looked like it was at least 50 to 100+ years old in good condition.

Flipping it, like searching through a yellow page directory for a phone number (eyes closed in trance state). The medium read out a Chinese name, “***** ***** *****” (He couldn’t remember what that actual name was because it was not his name).

It was NOT his name that the medium read out.

He laughed. That was truly hilarious. He thought to himself, “Come on! Are you guys serious? You want to know my name through an empty book based on my date of birth? Is this a joke? Are you retarded? This is the most ridiculous damn thing I have ever come across as a 12 year old and this is so stupid and funny [even circus can’t top the funniness in this! You guys are really stupid through the roof]! 神经病! (Mentally insane!) 白痴。(Idiots.)”. So he thought in the mandarin language.

All these were in his thoughts expressed in a forced controlled and uncontrolled minor small smile-laugh with him covering his mouth with his fist curved left hand so as not to show the disrespect and retardationness he thought of the 60+ year old old lady. Afterall respecting the elderly is still a necessary ethics of a young boy’s proper manners. It was funny because it was from an old lady performing such a “failed magic trick”, yet he can’t laugh in complete totality because he needed to respect her as an elderly old lady.

So the medium had her first faint “expression” of dissatisfaction, unimpressed and first time he saw a minor bodily twitching “action” from the medium by his response of his own controlled+uncontrolled laugh (who wouldn’t laugh on this? You would too right? Come on be serious here. Anyone would in a failed exposed magic trick.)

The medium then asked her auntie for the “Birth Time Eight Characters” from the calculation of his birthdate for the chinese date. This time they did not translate to him but he can still understand the words being conversed between them. His auntie then calculated a bit over the time-date of his birthdate converted to “lunar calendar” date of the chinese within 15 seconds or so, with a bit of discussion with the medium over how the year of the animal should be calculated. During this time, his auntie actually used her fingers to do the calculation with her right hand, in the manner like the fortune telling deity style you see in chinese movie. Rather confident of the date calculated, the medium proceeded once again to flip the empty book in search for his name.

The medium read out his name in the Chinese dialect.

“**** **** ***”

This time it was his chinese name accurate to the letter.

He freaked out, taken aback a little, eyes wide opened and the fun, smile, laughter disappeared instantly, he was shaking inside. Confusion, doubts of everything he knew of his world, and most of all, fear filled his whole body.

He was in an utter state of disbelieve on what just happened. His name was inside an empty book that can be read like a phone directory like in the chinese ghost movies they show of hell where the Yanluo (King of Hell) reads through a person’s lifetime deeds. It was “impossible” but it happened right in front of his eyes.

The “problem” with it was, it was “already written”, like everything was already pre-destined.

An evilness dark-black aura emanating from the medium (with 12 to 20 evil spirits congregate-floated behind the medium, with the room surrounded and walled up by dark spirits floating side by side) was felt by a young innocent child of 11+ years old the moment the medium read out his chinese name in the Chinese dialect.

He thought, “If this is real, it is wrong to leak heavenly secrets. And if it is not real, I am only a 12 year old. So it is also wrong to deceive me. The whole thing is pure dark and just wrong at so many levels. This is just so wrong.”
The dark spirits that he felt were hovering at their own spots being 2 feet away from each of the collapsible door frames so there was no escape (even if he wanted to run) and he was in a kneeling position too. He didn’t see anything. It was the pure feel / sensing of the dark aura as an 11+ year old young innocent boy. Only young persons of pure heart can feel the evilness when presented to them.

The medium was channeling evil spirits and flipping through the akashic records using an empty book readable only when in trance.

He can tell the medium sensed that he sensed the evil spirits that surrounds them all based on a slight expression change in the medium’s face and demeanor, things which only a pure of heart can feel. His auntie was unmoved nor surprised, it was sort of unsurprising to her that the medium can know and perform such acts and also she couldn’t sense those spirits mainly due to her age. There was a 6 to 8 seconds of pause between him, the medium and his auntie when his name was read out. His auntie’s brows, as well as his, frowned. (What [the hell] is this that I am going through? Totally unfamiliar territory in his lifetime. The realm and perception of reality collapsed instantly of his worldly views of everything.) He was “observing” the medium’s evilness with fear.

A child of pure heart can feel clearer. Taken aback now with “eyes wide opened”, literally too, after around 6 seconds of composure (and pure fright over him), he began to slowly not be afraid of the medium and accepted her the way she is because he felt also that this medium was not “evil”, just that she was a channeler of spirits and tapping on the dark side of the mystic arts. The medium then returned to her usual state of trance baseline (the ordinary “jumping”) once she felt the assurance of the boy’s sensing and keeping her “dark secret”, he felt the assurance from the medium’s way that he was going to be “alright” for no harm will be done to him. His heart was heavy from this point onwards because he just had his first spiritual experience at 12 years old then.

There was some sort of a psychic connection between his mind and the medium and even with her eyes closed, she seemed to have done readings for thousands to infinite number of people and whatever comes along was just another read for her, like just another read, nothing special or interesting. It was the spirit that controlled the whole situation. He began searching his heart for the darkest secrets that she “can see”, but being 12 year old, he could have done no wrongs as a 12 year old so he was safe. It was only after the 6 seconds composure that he began to treat the medium-trance state seriously with a heavy heart and frown instead of the smirk on his face throughout the day thinking about the experience. The medium with her experience was reading a 12 year old, “easy” read.

(It was in later years of “research” he came to the realisation that this medium was actually serving as a karmic transmuter, a difficult relationship to explain for those not familiar with how karma works.)

The evil laid in the background of her. She was not good nor bad but her background was pure evil. The more appropriate analogy was like “The Ancient One” in Doctor Strange who draws the Dark Dimension’s power to “benefit” others. However, he knew the medium was using occult means to get information and this is by itself wrong. As the conveyor of such dark arts, she opened his awareness of the spiritual side of things. Which he later sought science to explain with (he thought he could use science to find answers later).

The medium then asked him to lift up his shirt to show his tummy, leaning forward from her sitting position, running her hands on his stomach, with her eyes closed, said, “You (will/already) have a big house.”. Checking his arms and hands, holding on to and touching them, she said other things to his auntie he didn’t really comprehend. He was still a little shocked / brain frozen from the name knowing stance but he also knows what they said were inconsequential as it was about his present stage. The medium then went back to her usual trance state sitting position after touching him. All the while, he was observing the medium closely like a scientist would research a paranormal experience.

His auntie then put another 20 into the bowl seeing there is no response from the medium. The medium was silent for 5 seconds.

His auntie put another 20 this time, the medium was silent still for another 5 seconds.

Digging deeper into her purse, his auntie draws out a 50 this time, placing into the wooden bowl and within a second of doing so, the medium said, “You will get two wives.” (The bowl was filled by a few hundreds plus that day, just for that 20 minutes session.)

He was anxious, why on earth would someone so faithful as him will have 2 wives? He thought the first will end up in divorce. “Is it the stage acting type?”, he asked back anxiously because he had a play in school once and he was a father of the family in the school play. That was a question from a 12 year old boy’s innocence.

His auntie translated, the medium replied while shaking her head, “No.”

This was the first time he saw the medium shake her head. The medium usually normally moved nothing but her lips.

The whole process from the moment of possession to trance state to everything else while in the trance state was expressionless. A real true poker face in a sense, amid some very very very very very minuscule giveaway expressions.

The medium was channeling evil spirits and going through the akashic records using an empty book readable only when in trance.

After some brief moments of no response for 8 seconds or so and when his auntie did not continue to do the offerings, the session was over just like that, the medium’s trance state was over as strangely as the way it began. He couldn’t really remember how it ended, his mind was sort of fixated and distracted at his name read out and the 2 wives issue.

He suspected the medium was able to sense how much money his auntie had in her purse by the way the session went. “Knowing” she will not be spending more, the spirit(s) that possessed the medium went away with the “jumping” subsiding from active jumping to mild jumping, from mild jumping to none. On recollection, that 60+ year old looking lady just jumped like that for 20+ minutes. This was an amazing feat by itself. Try having a controlled epilepsy that way, without practise, I think this can only be done if you have a consistent electric shock connected from one end of both her ankles and another at the back of her neck for her to perform such a consistent, constant jumping. But since she leaned forward to touch him without electrical shocks passing, that means she was totally not connected to any power source.

The medium and his auntie parted ways like it was just another session, totally familiarized with the whole “standard operating procedure”, seemingly this was not the first time his auntie has done it. He was brought to the car and they went off, for him, it was his first and last time meeting a medium and it left a distasteful experience on him. He auntie sensed his uncomfortableness in the car and he sort of resented his auntie for bringing him to this kind of evil (in a very emotionally conflicting way but opened his “third eye” on such forbidden knowledge of his father’s side family rules thereafter).

Immediately inside the car going back to his village of 25-35 minutes drive from Kuala Kangsar, at 12 years old, he checked his watch after the readings. Going felt longer (35 minutes) but the trip back felt much shorter (25 minutes), a time-relative thing (Albert Einstein) for trips as such. Maybe the driver had some issues recognizing the trip to the residential temple. There was no time loss. He wasn’t being hypnotized. There was something really strange about the whole event-experience. Thereafter, he was living in agony, thinking about the 2 wives problem.

He has another auntie who was told she will be very rich in future so she was a lazy bum her whole life, apparently waiting for riches to fall from the sky to her. He knew riches was in their own hands so he never cared about the wealth side of the fortune teller. However it was the marriage side that pricks his mind because they are mostly always right to the letter.

He gave up talking to his puppy love because on the school bus, everyone was calling them husband and wife. For four years, he didn’t speak to any girls who liked him and who he liked. The agony was intense and real. Many people saw his attitude as strange, unwelcoming, unfriendly and weird. He had to force himself to avoid any relationships while doing research on space time (in his time, it was “space time” [two words] instead of the now popularized spacetime single word), E.S.P. (extra sensory perception) and Sai Baba.

(to be continued… in mid of year 2022)

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