The Universe, The “Matrix” – Our living operating system.

I like to think that the moon is there even if I am not looking at it.

Albert Einstein

My thoughts on code writing as a programmer (using programming language).

Learner beginners do things simplistically (or naively), putting words on paper, expressing an outcome to convey across a certain expression in the most basic and rudimentary means possible.

Intermediate learners write structured, easily understandable form of materials to bring about a general sense of intelligence across the medium of which they write on.

Advance writers write artistic expressions to touch the heart and soul of the readers and to bring about a sense of know how through experience.

Expert writers brings poetry into the language with simplicity and sophistication merged into a sort of higher awareness that can only be understood and appreciated by intelligent and self-awared beings.

The wisest amongst writers, see beyond poetry, beyond sophistication, beyond space and time, beyond all and understands the language, the paper and brush, the materials used in the creation of his artistic work and the ramifications of which his work will bring to the masses.

Understanding the operating system is kind of important for the programmer. Of course, you can also code without the operating system and just on the hardware. For me, other than the software, I am kind of impressed with how the hardware evolves over time, especially with modifications being done with Artificial Intelligent touch.

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