eNewsletter completed and working perfectly on bcz.com

After almost 2 months of debugging and for the past 6 months of R&D effort, we have finally rolled out the completed eNewsletter blasting module from beta to production status. Now you can blast emails from bcz.com platform! We will be announcing payment plans/packages and structure within a few days time.

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Mistakes I learnt in the year 2011

1. Never trust credentials on paper. 2. Referral is one thing, their action is another. 3. Talk is, at the end of the day, just talk. 4. Integrity is more important than imagination. 5. To have the best, you need to be better. 6. Always conserve some energy for after meetings. (I’m usually half dead [...]

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Optimization & Speed

Next step on bcz.com, we’ll be optimizing speed. It’s been quite slow lately as many improvements are being done. We have gotten very expensive servers now for the system. Hopefully it’ll be better on Monday.

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