For Eve…

I made this song a few years ago… while strolling with a friend. Anyway, it’s just got a feel off her. Nothing special. Do tell me what you think this feel is about… Download : foreve

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沉默 – Original Music

I made this song… I think back in 2004… (My alarm went off in background…) 沉默 D-CD-chenmo <- Download link here. 悲伤的背后, 写着一思思的感受, 想着那一堆堆的理由, 守着那一个个的承诺. 翻来覆去的心情, 有谁能够真正了解过. 那心碎的折磨, 那悲伤和冷漠. 我不懂你是否可曾回想过, 你可知道,过去过去, 一切不能从头来过. 我没有,你的心思那么的多, 我只想说.. (alarm went off.. oops) 失落…是我, 是我. 别说, 说你不爱我. 别说过去都是我错. 是非对错,谁能诉说,那爱你的我. 可知那路过的人,也曾被爱迷惑. 没有错… 错的… (will continue next time… need to do something)

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Destined by Sam Wong

I like this song. A little melancholy feel to it… well, life’s with ups and downs right? I will put more music up in future. Destined Destined – Lyrics (will improve upon) Can you see, that I was born to love you. It seems destined, you and I have met too. Should you feel, that [...]

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