Two school days experiences that changed my life…

Maths and Science Olympiad… The yearly congregation of the most number of nerds / geeks / top of the school people… Dumbfounded was I… those questions were even harder than “Who wants to be a millionaire.” Even the judges admitted they couldn’t answer 99% of those questions. But it was very… entertaining… coz it made [...]

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Going Shanghai today!

Finally… Shanghai again… How many scammers are waiting for me? Hmm… Anyhow, I need to get a new China sim card for my phone… I wonder if my old one still works. Talk about new phone numbers in China… “Congratulations! You just won our lucky draw lottery with your number…” Then there’s the… “We just [...]

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I really love this story…

Translated from Chinese… There used to be such a story. ===== Long long ago, there was an Island. On this Island, there was a primitive feel to it. There was Jealousy, Sadness, Humbleness, Love etc. etc. One day, they were informed that the island was about to sink. So everyone began to pack up and [...]

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Grandma passed away today

Her last words were “People gets old… people gets old.” It was not a good sight at all, to see helplessness lying on death bed. She has been a good grandma to all of us, will be missed. Passed away at age 86 year old. Life’s like that. Considering she has so many grandchild, she [...]

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