Pentax camera, come to me!

I’m getting a Pentax. I really wish it’s more widely adopted here in Asia. Currently Canon is having the largest market share. Three DSLR cameras are on my list (and budget). 1. Pentax (any DSLR interchangeable lens series will do… 645Z is what I really hope to get my hands on in future) 2. Sony [...]

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Accidentally coming across IBM Watson

Watson is an OK-leap forward. The most incredible thing is the speed of which action-response was initiated.┬áStill a long way from true A.I. I was searching for information regarding quad-binary system, something of which I believe is necessary to be a little closer to true A.I. I’m impress with Watson, just as was impress with [...]

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Internet 1 – SOPA / PIPA 0

Seems like SOPA/PIPA is gaining a lot of attention. At least two of my heroes is against SOPA/PIPA. There seems to be much negativity surrounding the bill. Just read online that Apple and Microsoft withdrew it’s support to the bill asking for it’s re-review before passing as a law. There is a a few online [...]

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Patents done.

I’m “done” with patents… 300 pages, was easy. not more than 3 hours. I have 30 days to do everything I want. I’m going to start with using 12 hours right now on “technology research”

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First page listing on!

Query “sam wong” and you’ll find this site on first page of 2 more days to PC Expo event. Plenty sleepless nights. Hope it’s worth it. More work to do thereafter… Anyway, today is a good day. Looking back, I’ve learnt my share of mistakes. Still learning… Sam

Read more load balanced! not easy. a combination of hard work, luck, trial and error, and perseverance… with coffee.

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Optimization & Speed

Next step on, we’ll be optimizing speed. It’s been quite slow lately as many improvements are being done. We have gotten very expensive servers now for the system. Hopefully it’ll be better on Monday.

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