New viewcounts to site

Added new viewcount at the bottom of’s sites. They are more accurate and less biase to deliberate increment. Classified sections coming up with searchable indexations of all the sites on this March 2015

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Programming the Universe, as God the Programmer

Isn’t it amazing that the watch must come with a watch maker? I read an article somewhere that questioned the paradox of a good, moral God. If God is good, why is there so much evil in this world? If you are the maker of the universe, won’t you stop evil? Wouldn’t you have created [...]

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Shaved a second off wordpress. WordPress scalability is a lot of work. Application and stack necessary for it to scale is intense.

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Impressed with Wayne Wirs’ explaination of Quantum Entanglement

In all sciences, all things must be scrutinized but not criticized. Learn with an open mind. Wayne’s explanation shows a simplified possibility. With claims of 3D universe in a 4D event’s horizon, how far fetch can Wayne’s explanation be? Now the question next is… where’s the proof or rather… how to prove it.

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