Sam Wong
Sam Wong

About samwong.com, the website

samwong.com is a site powered by bcz.com, a business-centric platform powering 350,000+ other websites around the world.

Everytime bcz.com is upgraded, I do post-production testing on samwong.com (That’s why you see a lot of “test” word postings on this site as a quick test on the posting capability and speed improvements to the platform)

Other than testing bcz, I blog here as well. Hope you enjoy.

From time to time I get a lot of offers for samwong.com. For all other “Sam Wong”s out there who wants to buy this domain name from me, will consider selling for seven-figure US dollars or lease to you at one country-state from US$365 per year ($1 dollar a day).

There are 50 states in USA, so if you want all 50, I can give you a 50% discount yearly for the leasing of the domain name which is 50 states * $365/yr * 50% = $9,125/yr for the whole USA. Up to 25 years lease term negotiable. Only three places NOT for lease are Singapore, Malaysia and Australia’s Sydney.

I can do geo diversion. e.g. people in US or UK or China’s one province/state etc. will get to surf their very own samwong.com site (based on geo-targeted ip addresses). So if you are a Sam Wong from Australia’s Victoria, China’s Hongkong etc etc, contact me with the contact form for your interest. I’m willing to share my domain name with all the other Sam Wongs out there from their own country-state. The condition is such that no illegal or obscene materials on site.

The message above is for those who are interested in the domain name. Further questions please use contact form. Thanks.

About Sam Wong, the person

Founder of bcz.com, patent holder in areas of search technology, Mensan member with a wide range of interests including quantum theory, A.I. technologies and consciousness.

“We live in primitive times. The universe has existed for 13 billion years. In the future (year A.D. 9,999), there will be no scarcity (through nano-technologies and manipulation of quantum state of particles), no competition (because of abundance through resource based economy and deep space colonization)  and no death (through stem cell research, self-repairing dna technologies. Read this wikipedia entry). If we can work together now, we can shorten this time, but our inherent primitive complacent nature gets in the way of such progress.

We need to exercise our imagination, for hopes and dreams are the stuff that gives meaning to the future. The ‘impossible’ is always being done by those who can and they are the ones who define our future, like those before them who define our present.

If this universe (and its existence) is possible, what else can be so difficult? Don’t worry. Once in a while, we get people who can come up with






too. (just because most of us can’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s not important)

The vastness of space (in this expanding universe), provides unlimited resources and potential for exploration and unity.

There’s a tonne of work in the progress of science and technology. It’s what I am always working for, thanks for giving I.T. a chance.”

p.s. : Feel free to create your own profile and website at bcz.com! Always updating, always improving! Suggestions / feedback always welcomed.


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