“The past is what makes us today.
Today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.
As for what’s tomorrow? It’s what you make of it today.”

The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.

Albert Einstein

Life is kind to me. My family upbringing, their strict Catholic backgrounds and moral values are an important part of who I am. (I am skewed towards orthodox traditional religious values because of my family’s influence but not into the practicing rituals.) Trying hard to be a practitioner of truth, right conduct, love, peace and non-violence.

I have done my fair shares of mistakes in life; seeing clearer, now dedicating all remaining time to the service and work of God (whatever is good and constructive; creation is His work).

Blessed to have a great family and this quote from my auntie summarizes my perspective of what life is to me:

Do good and be good.
I am going where my parents are.
Someday you will join us too;
And then, we will all be together.

Grace Wong (on her deathbed)

Life is made up of these memorable tiny little words that touches everyone.
People never really go away.
They just pass on living as memories of another and carrying on and so on…

VALUES : Love, Truth, Peace, Non-violence and Right Conduct
MISSION : Help Ever, Hurt Never
RELIGION : Inter-faith (all major religion), backed by rational scientific quantum-realm understanding as all paths lead to God.

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